LSC & Its Activities

One of the avowed objectives of the National Law School of India University is to promote legal education and research. In pursuance of the same the Legal Services Clinic offers legal and paralegal services by the faculty and the students. It not only provides a centre for practical professional training for students of law, but more importantly, provides free legal services to the socially and the economically backward sections of the society who have difficulty accessing the judicial system. LSC has a twin mandate of spreading legal awareness and providing free legal assistance to those who cannot afford it. We perform Legal Literacy Programmes, Street Plays, distribute newsletters, pamphlets, etc., and undertake other projects to disseminate important pointers on the law among the public. As for providing aid, we help clients with a variety of problems in different areas of law including:

Family Law: These cases mostly concern domestic violence & dowry harassment, divorce, partition & succession issues, etc.

Consumer Law: Many clients also approach LSC seeking to obtain redressal for defects in goods purchased or and deficiencies in services obtained such as banking, insurance, medical negligence, etc.

Contract Law: We also look into civil matters including property disputes, rent collection, eviction issues, land acquisition, contractual agreements, etc.

Children’s Issues: Child Rights especially under Juvenile Justice, rights to education, etc., comprise a major role in LSC’s projects and cases.

Service Matters: A lot of cases deal with issues of unlawful laying-off, reinstating, administrative matters, etc.

LSC has been deeply involved in pro-bono and public policy orientated research, and has been increasingly taking part in and helping coordinate projects in association with other organizations. In the past, the committee has focussed on building databases of magistrates, protection officers under PWDVA, shelter homes etc for future reference. The Committee has also extensively studied and made reports oon the implementation of the Juvenile Justice Act in Karnataka

While research and preliminary drafting constitutes most of what we do, the cases are referred to our Pro-Bono panel, mainly composed of NLS Alumni and other lawyers, who may represent them in litigation or resort to alternative dispute resolution methods.